Russian leader of security technologies

System Designing

Pre-project investigation of facilities, development of conceptual designs including site vulnerability analyses.

NIKIRET develops design estimates for integrated and automated Engineering and Technical Security Equipment Complexes (ETSEC), including:

  • data acquisition and display systems, access control systems, including functions of time-keeping;
  • security alarm systems for buildings, structures and perimeters;
  • CCTV systems;
  • alarm annunciation systems, telecommunication systems, load-speaking communication systems, automation systems, radio communications systems;
  • security lighting systems;
  • information security systems;
  • power supply sytems;
  • architectural-building solutions;
  • systems of engineering barries and anti-ram devices;
  • fire alarm systems.

Development of technical regulatory documents, including:

  • industry-wide standards for designing and equipping facilities with Engineering and Technical Security Equipment Complexes (ETSEC) and arranging their operation;
  • standard design decisions for  facilities of various purpose;
  • scheduled maintenance activity standards for ETSEC.

Design estimates development:

  • for systems of engineering networks and communications, including air conditioning, ventilation, heating, water supply, electric power supply; for fire alarm and firefighting systems;
  • emergency notification system.

Development of technical and economic proposals and feasibility studies at pre-project stage.

Designer's supervision when security systems are developed. 

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