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  • Enterprise Reorganization. JSC "NIKIRET"

    On August 12, 2022, the sole shareholder of JSC "FSPC" PC "Start" named after. M.V. Protsenko" took a decision to reorganize in the form of spinning off a branch of the NIKIRET company into a separate legal entity - JSC "Scientific Research and Design Institute of Radioelectronic Engineering" (JSC "NIKIRET") from December 29, 2022.

    As a result of the reorganization, JSC "FSPC" PC "Start" them after M.V. Protsenko" will continue its activities in accordance with applicable law. JSC "NIKIRET" in the order of succession will fulfill the obligations transferred to it by JSC "FSPC "PC "Start" named after M.V. Protsenko" in accordance with the transfer act.

  • NIKIRET 45 Years Old

    In October 2022, NIKIRET celebrates the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Institute and the 60th anniversary of the start of initiative work on the development of technical security equipment at the Penza Instrument-Making Plant (now JSC “FSPC “PC “Start” named after M.V. Protsenko").

    Today, NIKIRET is a specialized enterprise of the State Corporation "Rosatom", working in the field of development and designing of state-of–the-art complexes and security systems for vital and high-security State facilities.

    The enterprise has many years of experience in the development, production and practical implementation of a wide range of detectors of attempted intrusion, stationary data acquisition & display systems, access control systems, as well as mobile rapid deployable security systems and complexes for operational and tactical purposes.

  • The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship

    In June-July 2021, at the Gazprom Arena stadium in St. Petersburg, NIKIRET provided the security of fans, athletes and officials during the European Football Championship.

    Access Control System (ACS) produced by NIKIRET was installed at the stadium. This is an updated version of the system used at the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and later at the 2019 Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk.

    NIKIRET provided a full range: from development, production and mounting of ACS to commissioning and maintenance.

    More than 300 readers were installed along the perimeter of the stadium, which are able to operate with identifiers in the form of a barcode, QR code, or RFID tags from tickets or plastic cards, giving athletes, spectators, referees, staff and journalists the right of access to the stadium.

    The system worked in a routine mode, without failures and delays, and thanks to the integration with FAN ID, football offenders could not enter the stadium. As a result, each visitor to the matches (more than 120 thousand spectators in total) held at the Gazprom Arena felt completely safe and could concentrate on the game and enjoy high-level football.

  • 75 years of the nuclear industry

    August 20, 2020 is the 75th anniversary of the nuclear industry.

    On this day, in 1945, Joseph Stalin approved a decree on the establishment of uranium management authority - a Special Committee under the State Defense Committee (GKO) of the USSR.

    L.P. Beria was appointed project manager.

    The formation of the nuclear industry gave a powerful impetus to the development of domestic science and technology, industrial production, ensured nuclear parity, and strengthened the defense capability of the state.

  • XXIX World Winter Universiade-2019

    During the Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk, the access control system (ACS) "Pilot" was used. It was developed and produced by NIKIRET to provide the security of participants, staff, judges and spectators. NIKIRET experience is enormous in the security of world-class sports facilities.

    In Krasnoyarsk, ACS equipment was deployed at 19 geographically remote facilities, where 222 fixed access points were equipped, 89 mobile terminals were placed. Reliable authorized access to sports facilities for various categories of users (participants, spectators, judges, personnel, accredited persons) pass documents (cards, badges, tickets) with identifiers in the form of a bar code, QR code, RFID radio frequency tags was provided. ACS “Pilot” processed about 1.15 million requests for passage during the Universiade. There were no recorded event of the failure of the system.

    Mr. A. Kotelnikov, the First Deputy General Director of the ANO "Executive Directorate of the XXIX World Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk thanked the NIKIRET staff for the successfully done work on the development, integration and technical support for the hardware and software complex for physical access control. It was also noted that the used equipment is highly praised and made it possible to ensure a high level of safety during international sport events in Krasnoyarsk.

  • 2018 FIFA World Cup

    A unique access control system to the facilities of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which took place in our country from June 14 to July 15, 2018, was implemented at 12 stadiums in 11 cities on the territory from Kaliningrad to Yekaterinburg. Over 2,000 fixed checkpoints and over 600 mobile checkpoints have been deployed using portable scanners. Along with the participants, judges, accredited persons and technical staff, authorized mass access to sports facilities for a large army of Russian and foreign spectators was organized.

    The installation of the access system (performed in a very tense manner and in a short time), its integration with the FIFA ticket system, as well as technical support for the operation was carried out by NIKIRET specialists.

    During the World Cup more than 10 million of authorized passes were registered, and in almost 200 thousand of cases when there is no access rights or cancel access.

    Mr. A. Sorokin, General Director of the ANO "Organizing Committee" Russia-2018", thanked the staff of NIKIRET for the work done and paid special attention to no failures or failures in the system functioning of that would affect the access of spectators to the stadiums.

  • Reorganization

    According to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No.318 from 01.07.2016 and the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No.734 from 01.08.2016 Federal State Unitary Enterprise Federal Scientific and Production Center "Start" named after M.V. Protsenko” (Federal State Unitary Enterprise Federal Scientific and Production Center “PC “Start” named after M.V. Protsenko") from 01.03.2018 was reorganized into Joint Stock Company “Federal Scientific and Production Center “Production Center “Start” named after M.V. Protsenko" (JSC "Federal Scientific and Production Center "PC "Start" named after M.V. Protsenko"). Accordingly, NIKIRET is a branch of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Federal Scientific and Profuction Center “PC "Start” named after M.V. Protsenko".

  • 2017 FIFA Confiderations Cup

    Access control system, developed and installed by our enterprise, was used during 2017 FIFA Confiderations Cup to control and organize access at sport facilities of  accredited parties and spectators.  

    4 stadiums of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi were equipped by the system. More than 800 control points with turnstiles and hand scanners that provides the control of all kinds of passess and tickets were organized. 

    High capacity at entrance and exit was maintained according to the organizational and technical solutions and high performance spesifications of the system. The flexibility of the system structure made it possible to quickly organize additional access points during the competitions.

    During the system operation no failures were recordered that influence on people access to the stadiums. The system accumulated more than 500 thousand pass documents, about 1 million of tickets, about 2.5 million of events were registered, including 2.3 million of authorized passes and about 200 thousand of cases when there is no access rights or cancel access. Information interaction with external systems was provided in real time. 

    For successful operation NIKIRET was apointed by Alexey Sorokin the CEO of 2018 FIFA World Cup and Ministry of physical training and sport of the Krasnodar Territory.

  • Providing security of 2014 Olympics in Sochi

    The “Olympic” participation of NIKIRET was not only developing design documentation for sporting venues and providing security at combined road “Adler – mountain climate resort “Alpica-Service”. Our equipment provided safety of participants and guests directly along the perimeter of bobsleigh track and ski trail of the mountain cluster in Sochi. The specific feature of these venues is that no stationary boundaries can be built. A large range of NIKIRET security solutions made it possible to solve the problem using “Pautina-M” mobile complex, which was specially adapted for use at sporting venues and equipped with a stationary “Gazon-22” detector, switched to rechargeable battery power supply with transmission of alarm messages and remote control commands through the mobile complex channeling equipment. The unique ability of “Gazon-22” to detect intruders in rapidly changing snow cover (up to 1 - 1.5 m per night) made it possible to use it at unattended areas along ski trail perimeter. 

  • Implementation of security complex at transport infrastructure facilities

    2013 year is marked by the implementation of unique comprehensive security system intended to centralized control of distributed local facilities of transport infrastructure combined (rail and automobile) road of Adler - mountain climate resort "Alpica-Service" 49 km long.

    Multilevel integrated system for access and alarm system "Zirconiy-S2000" is used as the base of CSS informational powering medium.

    System provides complex security for 39 railway and 31 automobile bridges, 11 ramps and overpasses; 6 railway and 3 automobile tunnels; 3 tracking and 19 transformer substation, 16 military groups, troops, guarding patrols, 28 GSM modules, and includes the following:

    • radars - up to 50 pcs.;
    • controllers - up to 500 pcs.;
    • local control panel - up to 80 pcs.;
    • technical security equipment of different principle of operation - up to 600 pcs.;
    • electromechanical locks - 120 pcs.;
    • video cameras - 3000 pcs.

  • NIKIRET - FSUE FSPC "PC "Start" named after M.V. Protsenko

    The Governor of Penza Region signed the law related to asigning the name of first deirector M. V. Protsenko to Federal State Unitary Enterprise Federal Scientific and Production Center “PC“ Start”.

    Currently, in the structure of NIKIRET, all necessary research and design departments, design and implementation complexes, production and manufacturing capabilities for prototype development and serial production, research laboratory capabilities, including proving ground for field tests of  developed and supplied equipment to customers, quality service, national and international marketing, financial and economic services, others.

  • NIKIRET - branch of FSUE FSPC PC "Start"

    FSUE "PC "Start" became the Federal Research and Production Center based on the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation. NIKIRET mostly provides research and design activity.

  • NIKIRET - branch of FSPC PC "Start"

    In 2006 NIKIRET became a part of FSPC PC "Start" as a branch based on the instruction of Federal Agency for State Property Managment No. 597 from 23.05.2005 and the order of RosatomNo.607 from 28.12.2005.


    In 2004 NIKIRET became an independent enterprise of Federal State Unitary Enterprise. In the same year Y. Olenin was appointed as general director of PC "Start", V. Pervuninskikh was appointed as a director of NIKIRET. Y. Olenin Doctor of engineering science is research supervisor of NIKIRET.

  • Licensed Training Center of NIKIRET

    In 2001 Training Center of NIKIRET was formed for advanced training of own specialists as well as third-party organizations as security service of industrial companies, design organizations and integrators of physical protection systems.

    Education programs include lots of practical works with equipment in real time of Test Center  proving ground.


    NIKIRET was renamed into SSUE "NIKIRET" - subsidiary state unitary enterprise of SNPO "Eleron".

  • NIKIRET - branch of SUE SNPO "Eleron"

    In 1992 Yu. Samochkin became the director - Chief Designer of NIKIRET, and since May of 1993, the Candidate of Technical Sciences Yu. Olenin, who took part in R & D developments of security equipment since 1978 at the enterprise. In 1992, on his initiative, a new kind of activity was developed at the enterprise - equipment of economic facilities by TSE complexes. 

  • Separate Test Production

    In 1992 the construction of Production Complex No. 738 began, it became the main Institute industrial base.

  • NIKIRET As a Part of SNPO "Eleron"

    In 1989 research and production complex - Specialized Research and Production Complex "Eleron" was formed on base of Special technical department, All-union Research and Design Insitite of Physical Instruments and Special Design and Technological Department. E. Mishin headed it later. In the structure of this union Special Design and Technological Department became Research and Design Institute of Radio-Electronic Engineering (NIKIRET). It gave an opportunity to extend volumes and directions of research investigations on development of new TSE samples, serial production and operation on Customer sites. 

  • Test Center and Proving Ground

    In 1984 Test Center and Proving Ground were completed and operated.

    Proving ground with the area of 25-hectare makes it possible to check how such natural noise factors as rain, snow, frost and dew fall, temperature differential, grass and snow blanket, lighting discharges, animals and birds practically influence the performance of products. Test Center provides for round-the-clock control of installed technical security equipment.

    Differents types of physical barriers, full height fences of welded mesh, reinforced concrete plates, profiled sheet, as well as various types of outriggers, gates, wickets, anti-ram devices are on the territory of Test Center.

    Now Test Center is certified by Federal Accreditation Service and State Corporation "Rosatom" and is equipped with unique testing and measuring facilities, necessary simulating tools and equipment.

  • Special Design and Technological Department is an Independent Enterprise

    During the whole period of department existence the name and legal status of Special Design and Technological Department had changed many times, but traditions of professional team established in the 1970s to develop highly reliable effective technical security equipment, stayed the same. 

  • Special Design and Technological Department - branch of All-union Research and Design Institute of Physical Instruments

    In compliance with specified Decree the 2nd Head office and Special Department in structure of Ministry of Medium Machine Building were organized, they developed all arrangements of TSE research and scientific development in this sphere and the operation at sensitive facilities of different departments. In Moscow on the base of TSE laboratory of All-Union Research and Design Institite of Physical Instruments was based, and in Zarechny Penza region - Special Design and Technological Department - a branch of All-union Research and Design Institute of Physical Instruments. The head of Department was L. Dmitrievsky. 

    The main task at the first stage was development of research and design and engineering complex. 


  • Special Serial Design Department of Penza-Instrument Making Plant

    The foundation of Special Department is one of the most significant events in the development of special direction in TSE at Penza-Instrument Making Plant. New employees and well-experienced specialists from Penza Research and Design Institutes and plant subdivisions came to work in Special Department. The volumes of performed research and design works were increasing, they covered practically the whole range of problems of detector development based on different physical principles of operating working within a wide range of climatic factors and under the circumstances of the high level of noise of natural and man-caused charecter, data acquisition and processing systems from detectors with automated execution of protection procedures, special locks of high realibility and stability for stationary and mobile facilities. 

    The work of special department was efficient. For a short period of time a wide range of security equipment for sensitive facilities, State Border, foreign agencies was developed and produced in series. Three times, i.e. in 1971, 1975 and 1981, TSE development team was awarded with USSR State Prize.

  • Technical Security Equipment Separate Group As A Part Of the 4th Department Of Special Serial Design Department Of Penza-Instrument Making Plant

    In March 1965 technical security equipment group at Penza-Instrument Making Plant was formed as organization, and then it was reorganized into a laboratory for security equipment development and design documentation development for TSE serial production- the laboratory was headed by Y. Samochkin. 

    In the middle of 1966 at Penza-Instrument Making Plant a new serious customer-the Committee for State Security (KGB) appeared according to the positive results of the developers' work. By order of the Committee the first security complex for USSR foreign agencies was developed. 

    In 1967 the Government of the country set a serious and in some way a political task to the Ministry of Medium Machine Building - to equip the exhibition for USSR Diamond Fund with technical security equipment by the 50th anniversary of October Revolution. The staff of the plant and first of all the young staff of the developers took an active part in the task execution. The work was fulfilled in due time and with high quality. The results of this order were highly praised by the authorities of the Ministry.

    The authority of TSE developers staff constantly strenghened.It was entrusted to solve difficult scientific and technical tasks of new alarm system and complexes development on behalf of various KGB services, Border Troops, Ministry of Defence and other govermental departments. Special technical department was formed in compliance with Government Order for development and heavy equipment industrial manufacture in the interest of Committee for State Security of USSR (KGB). A. Kabatov headed this department.

  • The beginning of Initiative Works On Technical Security Equipment at Penza-Instrument Making Plant

    At the beginning of the sixties the authorities of atomic industry (at that moment the Ministry of Medium Machine Building) took a decision about crucial change of ideology and protection of high-security facilities and sites. Instead of protection provided by the soldiers of Internal Troops it was decided to develop new principles and methods of  facilities protection by creating and wildly using the automated security systems and technical security equipment. 

    In 1962 under the instructions of the Sixth General Directorate and the Second Directorate of the Ministry of Medium Machine Building and active support of the director of Penza Instrument-Making Plant, M. Protsenko, experimental samples of security system equipment with capacitive, infrared and electromechanical sensors made by handymen-border guards, were given to the Special Serial Design Department of Penza Instrument-Making Plant, and design documentation were developed as initiative. 

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