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Certification Tests

Test Center accredited by Federal Accreditation Service and State Corporation “Rosatom” is operated in NIKIRET to carry out developed and manufactured test equipment for electromagnetic compatibility.

Test Center with the area of proving ground of 25-hectare of natural landscape is equipped with testing and measuring facilities, necessary simulating tools and equipment. It makes possible to carry out tests, to confirm the operation and immunity to such natural noise factors as rain and snow, frost and dew, lighting dischargers, temperature differential, grass and snow blanket, animals and birds.

There are various types of physical barriers used to place detectors: full-height meshes made from helical and flat concertina, polymeric and galvanized welded mesh, metal palisade fence, flat razor wire fence, various outrigger types as well as metal gates, wickets, barriers and anti-ram devices.

There are round-the-clock monitoring of weather conditions and operation control of the technical security equipment on test zone.

Test Center provides for Interdepartmental, State and certification tests not only of NIKIRET products, but also of equipment produced by other companies.

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