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Security systems for nuclear facilities

Currently State Corporation “Rosatom” is cooperating with many foreign countries (China, India, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Bolivia, Egypt, etc.), interested in developing their own nuclear industry, on building nuclear facilities (NPPs, centers of nuclear science and technology).

According to the Convention of the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities, the State, which uses nuclear power, is responsible for building, introduction and maintenance of physical protection regime applicable to the nuclear facility. However, if the required competence in matters of designing and building such physical protection systems is unavailable, the State may seek assistance from countries that have such competencies. In order to provide proposals for the interested States, NIKIRET has developed Business Line Product Strategy "Physical Protection System for Foreign Nuclear Facilities", approved and accepted for implementation by Council for Development and Globalization of State Corporation "Rosatom".

Following this Product Strategy NIKIRET has developed an appropriate basic industry proposal, which includes preparing the documents related to physical protection of specific facilities as well as delivery, construction and commissioning of Engineering and Technical Physical Protection Equipment for Nuclear Facilities.

When preparing basic industry proposal in close cooperation with other members for this line of business of State Corporation “Rosatom”, NIKIRET has developed Engineering and Technical Physical Protection Equipment Complex (ETPPEC) of maximum industry specification package, which meets the latest technical requirements for protection of nuclear facilities and includes all equipment necessary to provide efficient physical protection of the facility on a turnkey basis.

At the moment industry proving ground is created, where it will be possible to demonstrate capabilities of physical protection systems for nuclear facilities.

Engineering and Technical Physical Protection Equipment Complex (ETPPEC) includes 17 subsystems and kits:

  1. Kit of Data Management, Acquisition and Processing Equipment
  2. Kit of Engineering Fences with Gates and Wickets
  3. Kit of Early Warning Equipment
  4. Kit of Technical Equipment to Prevent Impact
  5. Kit of Detection Equipment for Prohibited Articles and Banned Substances
  6. Kit of Access Monitoring and Control Equipment
  7. Rapid Deployable Alarm Kit
  8. Kit of Data Transmission System Equipment
  9. Kit of Power Supply and Grounding Equipment
  10. Kit of Perimeter Detectors
  11. Kit of Site Detectors
  12. Kit of Alarm Annunciation Equipment
  13. Kit of Mounting and Structural Components
  14. Kit of Surveillance Equipment
  15. Kit of Communication System Equipment
  16. Access Control System “Pilot”
  17. Security Lighting System

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