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Dear partners!

It is worldwide assumed that security of the company, enterprise, and corporation is fundamental to stable and successful business. This statement is undoubtedly true for Russia where over a period of years the issues of providing site security do not lose their applicability, but attract even more attention and get much support from technicians and executives of various levels.

Providing facility’s security is a systematic and multidimensional challenge, which includes security protection, regulated security access, information security, fire safety, economic security, etc.. Each of these tasks can be solved by various means; however more and more people come to an understanding that “a man with a gun” is an inefficient and economically unbeneficial solution.

We are pleased to present you Research and Design Institute of Radio-Electronic Engineering. It is focused on discovering new scientific fields, implementing state-of-the-art technology, full and all-round meeting of the Customers’ requirements, prompt solution of the pressing problems in the field of site physical protection.

“NIKIRET” products realize advanced safety concepts and recent security technologies, based on the use of state-of-the-art electronic equipment, newest approaches, proved methods and algorithms, which allow that the problem of providing integrated security is optimally solved not only for critical sites, but also for industrial facilities of general purpose, as well as commercial and private premises.

Large close-knit team of experts provides high scientific and technical level and quality of the manufactured products. Among our experts there are doctors and candidates of technical science, recipients of the State prize, university postgraduates.

We are interested in extending relations with the Customers, installers and dealers of security complexes and systems and physical protection equipment.

We invite you to visit “NIKIRET” and get acquainted with our products and services in more detail and discuss variants of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Mr. Aleksander V. Pavlov,
General Director

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