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  • Obereg-M
Complex of Physical Protection Engineering and Technical Means
Service life: lifetime support
Produced by the enterprise of State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom
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  • Complex of Physical Protection Engineering and Technical Means “Obereg-M” is designed to ensure the integrated security of foreign nuclear facilities built according to Russian design.

    Scientific and research and work experience of successful complicated and high-technology task solving accumulated by the enterprise made possible to develop integrated security complex “Obereg-M”. It provides to satisfy the most current requirements and functions of reliable physical protection system. It consists of all necessary means including physical barriers and data acquisition and processing system.

    Control, data acquisition and processing equipment kit

    • it integrates separate functional systems and elements of the complex;
    • it controls the situation at facility perimeters and perimeters of protected territory, at access points to the territory of facility, buildings and rooms;
    • it receives, processes, displays and registers the information arriving from detectors, generates control commands and controls serviceability of technical security equipment;
    • it solves management problems of facility control and protection automatically;
    • it diagnoses and controls all technical security equipment and access devices, installed at the protected facility.

    Access control equipment kit

    Control personnel and vehicle access to controlled territories and sites.

    Kit of engineering barriers with gates and wickets

    Define the boundaries of protected facility and to prevent unauthorized intrusion into protected facility.

    Surveillance equipment kit

    Surveillance over the situation at controlled sectors of perimeter, facility surroundings, as well as inside of the buildings (in rooms), intruder detection and verifying alarms from detectors.

    Mounting and design elements

    It is intended to mount and install the equipment.

    Illicit items and substances detector kit

    Control of carrying (transporting) illicit items and substances (explosives, metal objects, ionizing radiation sources and etc.) through pedestrian and transport checkpoints, their detection and (or) identification at controlled items (on clothes, in personal belongings and on body parts of the personnel, visitors, vulnerable parts of vehicles).

    Kit of alarm annunciation equipment

    Urgent call (Emergency warning at the protected facility) for the guard commander, emergency response teams.

    Kit of training aids

    Training specialists in operation, maintenance and first-line repairs of the complex.

    Accounting and control system of staff evacuation in case of emergency

    Accounting and control of staff location in case of emergency.

    Alerting and response equipment kit

    Warn about intruder approaching the protected zone in order to prevent the intruder from moving to protected facility and to prevent intrusion to the protected territory.

    Security system communication kit

    Exchange information (verbal communication and data communication) of security guards to coordinate their activities on protecting facilities.

    Security lighting system

    Security Lighting System provides operation of surveillance equipment at night and under conditions of insufficient illumination in the points of installation and activities of guard forces.

    Perimeter detector kit

    Control of internal volume and space, facility premises, detection and registration of attempted penetration.

    Energy Utilities and Grounding equipment kit

    Uninterrupted power supply and staff safety from electric shock.

    Perimeter detectors kit

    Alarm blocking of facility perimeter, to detect and register intruder attempts to overcome it.

    Kit of data transmission systems

    Information security and connection of the components, which are a part of “Obereg-M”.

    • Advanced solutions of industry producers of security systems.
    • Export version.
    • Various variants of climatic modifications (for temperate cold and tropical climate).
    • Use of digital technologies in detectors significantly increases system information and control, provides adjustment and control of sensors from operator’s room.
    • Russian and English version of the product.
    • Flexible structure and scalability. Modular architecture of the complex built from separate delivery kits provide multiple gradual increase of complex and optimize the cost of implementation and upgrading of PPS.
    • Contactless control of staff movement using identifiers during emergency and accident evacuation.
    • Control of adjacent territory using geoformation technologies with elements of artificial intelligence. Early detection of the intruder with formation of reserve time for the response of the guard forces.
    • Assembly variability. Integration with external systems and security equipment.
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    Service life lifetime support
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